Complaint: Allegiant Airlines
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OMG!! this is plain and simple. YOU were in the wrong. YOU were late for the flight. i fly out of RFD on allegiant alot (small airport) and like it says they recommend you checking in at least 2 hours prior to dept. the agents in RFD do both counter and boarding. they close the counter 30min. before departure if your not checked in tough, they need to get the plane out on time. even if you were there 30min. its not so easy as you think to get you checked in, through security then on the plane. there is also the paper work from the flight deck...putting you on board would have meant to start it all over and possibly take a delay. admit the fact, you thought "small town airport, 1 flight a day, who needs 2 hours?" you could have shown up 1 hour and would have made the flight. you were in the wrong, you missed the flight!! people in my local airport do this thing all the time, and the next time they fly, they get there on time!