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Unhappy Austrian Airlines- the worst airline

Me and my family (2 adults and a 2 year old boy) used Austrian airlines business class from Austria-Bangkok on September 2009. We choose Austrian airlines because it was cheaper compare to other airlines since we’re staying in Bangkok more than 6 months and also because of their nice homepage about children. It was a really bad choice. In Vienna airport we stayed in their business lounge for quite long time. During those hours my son was playing with us in the lounge. As any other 2 years old when he played he made quite some noise. Suddenly the lounge staff came to us and told us that our son had been noisy for more than 1 hour already and in her opinion there cannot be any noise in the lounge. So I said that we paid already the business class fee (even my son is having his own seat) that we’re entitle to be in the lounge. The staff just shrugs her shoulder and didn’t offer any solution. My husband asked should we leave the lounge and again the staffs shrug her shoulder again. We chose business class for our long haul flight so I could get some help since we’re travelling with small child and having nice and easier time being in the lounge. I then made a complain to their customer service and they just said sorry and in the reply they gave me lots of rules on how to behave in their lounge.
We are very disappointed since when we chose the airline because it seems that they really care about children. We would definitely next time choose to pay much more than having bad feeling by flying with Austrian Airlines. We wouldn’t choose this airlines if we knew that it’s not child friendly. We won’t recommend this airline to anybody with children unless the child is really silent or you have drug your child to be silent.