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On December 30th, I flew BA from Gatwick to San Jose, Costa Rica. The previous year I had paid 1900 for the same return in world traveller plus and was extremely disappointed. The food was dreadful, the service was indifferent. No healthy snacks, a snack box containing a Twix and popcorn, I mean I'm not a teenager. I thought this year I'm not spending the same amount of money for essentially economy service with extra legroom.

So, I purchased an economy ticket for the same journey at the same time of year. I reserved a seat, both ways for a princely sum of 104. I researched my options online and checked the airline schematic and it looked to have the required extra legroom as I'm 6 foot 2.

To my horror, I found myself in a cramped seat with no extra legroom and what looked like an extra row had been squeezed in. When I explained the issue to the stewardess she told me they don't have seats with extra legroom. I asked her why would I want to pay 52 for a seat that in no way differed from any other seat in the cabin. After an interlude, i was offered another seat in the row in front. I had to endure the whole journey with no working screen for inflight entertainment. I luckily had some gaffer tape in my bag and managed to tape in the position where it was viewable before it collapsed again.

I've now been in Costa Rica for almost two weeks and I've contacted BA every day, I've asked to reserve an emergency exit seat. I've asked to be reimbursed, I've asked to be upgraded, even offering to pay.

Not once have I been offered a solution or an explanation, not once have I even been emailed the same person. They've all implied that it's my fault.

I've called and was put on hold for over 20 minutes then I was cut off after 36 minutes. I've asked for the complaint to be escalated, but no reply.

this is by far the worst customer service I've ever had the misfortune to be dealing with

Any advice?
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