Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked See what my parents underwent, stay away from NWA/KLM
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Default See what my parents underwent, stay away from NWA/KLM

This is unbelievable. Yesterday my parents (very old) boarded a flight from SFO to Hyderabad via Amsterdam and as I am typing this , they are currently stranded in the Amsterdam airport, because KLM cancelled the connecting flight (taking it away from the schedule completely) and never informed us. Poor people they cannot even speak english, and so soft people, they were denied a hotel accomodation and they are now stranded in the Schipol airport for 26 hours. The next flight is next day the same time. All they have is $20 US dollars in hand , and KLM wont even give an accomodation to them, worst case, they did not even give any food coupons.

When I tried to reach NWA/KLM in US, each of these airlines blamed the other one, and it took 8 hours for me to get some one on the phone. Without any luck, I called Schipol airport and all the KLM numbers in Amsterdam to find out if they are atleast safe. Absolutely irresponsible answers and we were never able to reach them. Atlast my dad borrowed a cell phone from a fellow passenger and called us to US, saying that they are sleeping in the terminal itself.

Before even boarding the flight, the airline manager named, CADIZ (first name) behaved so rudely with us, as if he never wanted to talk to any asians in the first place. Because of all the mess created by NWA/KLM my old parents are suffering now. We are common middle class people. I really wish God had given me enough resources or help to pursue legal action against these irresponsible airlines, which provide so much of hardship to common passengers like us.

If anyone here, anyone in this forum can help me to pursure legal action against KLM, pls PM me, I would really apprecaite it.