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On 12/29/2015, at approximately 9 AM, there was a problem with the scales that weigh checked baggage at the JetBlue check-in counter at RSW. The three women working behind the counter seemed completely unnerved by the situation. I watched in line as they said things to customers like "I know you're anxious, but..." and "you're just going to have to be patient, because we are having this problem..." Their manner was condescending and way too self-absorbed for people whose primary job function is customer service. I noticed a sign that said "self-service bag drop" and I went to that machine, thinking I could avoid the whole situation. I entered the information, and it printed my boarding pass - but no bag tag. I scratched my head, thinking I must have missed something, and noticed that some tags were coming out of a slot on the counter behind the machine, so I lifted them up to see if one of them was mine. One of the three women scolded me as if I were a four year old child because I had reached over the counter. I do not think my transgression - or any transgression for that matter - merited such treatment. She rebuked me in a hostile and loud manner. I felt humiliated. I said "I expected the machine to print bag tags because the sign says 'self-service bag drop.' " She said "no, that's not what it means!" When I tried to correct her (that's certainly what it means in other airports!), she sneered "well, don't complain to JetBlue, complain to the airport!"
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