Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked frequent flyer denied standby
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Default frequent flyer denied standby

I used to be a frequent flyer with southwest, averaging 16 or so roundtrips a year and I will not fly with them ever again.
I was out in LA for vacation and used a frequent flier ticket for travel to and from LAX from Philadelphia. My return flight which went through Chicago was cancelled due to weather in Chicago which was fine, I understood. I proceeded to the ticket counter to change my flight and was told there were no available flights for three days! Now to make this better the person at the counter next to me was also going to Philadelphia and they were given a ticket for the next flight out so I asked why. Turns out that southwest only allows a certain amount of frequent flyer tickets on each plane. Okay, I understood and then asked to standby on any flight headed back east. I was told no. I was given a ticket for a flight three days later. It floors me that they will treat their 'valued customers' this way. Weather issues are neither my fault or theirs and I think that they should be as accomodating as possible to people in this situation, all I asked was to go standby. That's it.
I am still livid but keep reading, this gets better. I sat outside the southwest ticket counter in LAX for 20 hours with all my luggage telling everyone in line my story. The manager I think got sick of me and finally sent me standby on a flight back to philadelphia but not before I had wasted 20 hours stuck in the airport.
When I got back I called customer service to air my complaint and was told that there was a flight that had left an hour after my original flight with six empty seats. That is the best part of this whole ordeal.
I will fly southwest no more.