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My flight journey from Toronto to India was really horrible with with 7 hours of flight delay and uncomfortable seats. I missed the domestic flight that I have booked in different airline due to the delay in flights. I have to buy a another flight ticket which was really expensive to bear. This caused alot of chaos,confusion and uncertainity in my journey plan. Etihad team members promised me to reimburse for the new flight tickets that caused due to delay by the Etihad flight. I thought that Etihad will kept their promise. It has been 1 month. I have not got any reply from them. I contacted them but they never responded to my emails! I think they have really poor customer service and could not able to keepup the promises. I never had such a bad experience with any of the airline like Etihad. If you do care for your customers and if you want them to return back to you for the next time! TAKE CARE of your customers!!! (My Ref:423012)
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Etihad, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!