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I have sent the below to AA Baggage and AA Customer Relations. They ruined my Alaska Cruise trip. Now I am trying to get compensated for my luggage fees, my lost hotel rooms in Vancouver, my expenses for clothes due to delayed luggage and I can not even get a person to respond to me and deal with this problem

American Airlines Central Baggage

Reference :

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Daniel T and I organized and paid for the cruise we took out of Vancouver on Holland America beginning Aug 13. The American Airline flights were a disaster:
Our flights were significantly delayed going into Dallas
Our CONFIRMED SEATS were given away to Standby Passengers even though our plane to Vancouver was still there and the gate door still open
Our luggage as then lost and even when found sent to the wrong city (Ketchikan vs Juneau and wrong cruiseline (Princess vs Holland America)

As a result we did not receive our luggage until late evening on Aug 15, 2016 at approximately 8pm and 1 hour before we were leaving Juneau. This was only through the extraordinary efforts of Princess Cruise lines that took charge of the luggage and put it on a Alaska Airlines jet from Ketchikan to Juneau and then ensured it was delivered to our ship before departure. If it was not for this my girlfriend and here daughter would not have had clothes until Thurs when we landed in Ketchikan.

I have included both Delayed Baggage Receipts containing ref number, a copy of the claim check associated with each lost luggage item, a copy of the ticket receipt and the receipts for all items that were purchased.

Because of the lost luggage, we were force to purchase makeup and other supplies on the Ship and then clothing articles to be able to attend dinners which had been paid for on the ship. Those receipts are included with this letter. My total expenditures was $1429.52

I also assume that the fees we paid for the luggage will be reimbursed to the CC that they were charged to
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American Airlines, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!