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Originally Posted by Gromit801 View Post
And maybe Granny should not have boarded the place if she was sick. ALL airlines watch for this. ESPECIALLY an elderly person who could go from a little sick, to deathly ill in flight. You can be cynical and claim they don't want the liability. You could be more caring about granny, and realize that her life could have been at risk if her condition deteriorated while at 33,000 feet. Often, the cabin pressurization will have an adverse affect on an already ill person.

Med-Link made the call, and ASA followed their advice. At some point, information was obtained that granny vomited prior to the flight. How would Med-Link have thought otherwise?

Your last paragraph should not be taken as good advice for anyone. If you think all an airline cares about is a diverted flight, you've been reading too much Kate Hanny. NO ONE, not the airlines, and most assuredly the passengers, wants someone to die on their flight.

I think the airlines handled the situation as best they could. You admit the staff did everything possible to deal with your situation, but they still had to follow the advice of the medical personnel. The alternative was a gamble. Ignore the advice, and HOPE granny doesn't become even more ill in flight. I wouldn't gamble my grandmother's life like that. There's always other flights. Only one granny.
So your position is the airline cared more about the grandmother then the family. Your arrogance and hubris appears typical of what we found at Alaska Airlines during this trip.

Are you saying that no ill people should fly or that no ill elderly people should fly? Are you saying that Alaska Airlines is a better judge of the medical state of an elderly family member then the family itself, even when it includes a an RN travelling with the elderly person? Are you saying that Granny would have been better off going to the ER in a foreign location then returning home? Are you saying that the opinion of your customer doesn't matter? Aren't you disregarding the fact that the this old lady was pulled from the aircraft, held for two hours, flown to Seattle where she incurred additional delays due to baggage claim issues, and still was able to be driven for 2.5 hours to her home where she received medical attention.

What I learned from this trip is this. The sky's are indeed unfriendly. Alaska Airlines is unaccountable for their decisions. Passengers are treated like little children or imbeciles who do not know what is best for them. Customer Service is bad. I have been wondering if Alaska Airlines is paying a spiff to every employee of gives cause for a ill elderly person to be removed from a flight for the purpose of preventing a medical air diversion.
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