Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Only Rochester, NY Flight to JFK Cancelled
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Default Only Rochester, NY Flight to JFK Cancelled

My mother, me and two kids were traveling to FL for spring break. We took off work/school to leave Wednesday, April 4th and waited at the airport in Rochester, NY for our flight out. After an hour and a half wait, we went to our gate to get ready to board. There was no notification posted, but a lot of confusion going on. The passengers were being told that the flight was cancelled due to weather conditions and the computers were down, so the only help was to call customer service.

The weather was not that bad!!!!

I got right on the phone and was told that it was going to be the weekend before we could fly out. I had hotels booked in FL; car rental waiting. The Delta agents said they could not help since other airlines were not helping them find flights due to over booking everywhere. They said there was no chance the weather would make a difference if it cleared (which did soon happen and it certainly wasn't very bad out!).

After a lot of juggling, waiting and worry, I was able to secure flights out of Albany, NY (four hours away!) the next morning at six. We had to quickly rent a car at the airport ($100!) and get a hotel near the airport ($60). This ended up costing us one day of vacation, driving time and exhaustion unexpectedly, vacation wasted for each of us (could have been working!), cost of hotel, gas, rental car.

Do you think I could get any compensation from Delta? NO! I talked to customer service, was told sorry. I went to the website and posted my situation. No response. I won't consider Delta to ANYONE!

Has Delta learned anything from South West? Perhaps they should wise up and consider the industry trend towards Net Promoter Scoring methods of customer satisfaction like South West did. The simple scoring method is, 'how likely would you be to recommend the product to someone else?'. South West is doing wonderful with the NPS method. Delta would not even have a score based on what I have been hearing!