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A big problem at ALL airlines is that so many employees don't know their policies, don't know what they're talking about, and don't bother to check. It's easier to say "no" so that someone else can't come back to them later and say "why did you do that?" I was traveling with a friend on Northwest from MSP one time. She had a full fare, refundable ticket. As soon as she checked in that agent said "that'll be 50.00 because you changed your date." I spoke up and said "no, there isn't. It's an unrestricted ticket. Please check the rules." He spoke to a supervisor, then comes back and says "I've spoken to the supervisor and she's agreed to waive the fee". There shouldn't have been a fee to "waive", so I wonder how many unsuspecting people pay fees they're not required to pay just because some employees don't know, or verify, what the fare rules are.