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Angry Hong Kong Airlines has got no hope

There was a misspelling of a passenger's name when an online booking was made to Bangkok in December. It was only when I received the confirmation did I realise the mistake. Hong Kong Airlines received my email request on 31/8/15 and did nothing. I sent them another email on 22/9/15 and still nothing. Then I called them after waiting for a good ten minutes during my lunch time. Their procedure was to call them first then send an email with the passport copy and confirming a HK$300 service charge. Initially I argued with this ridiculous charge. Apologies here and there for their carelessness but no compassion for my typing mistake of the passenger's name.

Now they insist nothing can be done by email nor any link to amend the name and pay on their website. The only alternative is to call them. Do I have tried over ten times to their call centre and I'm always waiting for over ten minutes. Their call centre automatically cuts the line after 11 minutes of being on hold.

What do I do now?