Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Overbooking and delay caused going uncompensated
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Angry Overbooking and delay caused going uncompensated

It was the worst experience ever for me, travelling with Etihad. I was travelling to Chicago ORD from Abu Dhabi and my ticket was cancelled due to overbooking.

Instead of giving me the same direct ticket for the next day flight, they gave me two flights from Abu Dhabi to LHR and LHR to Chicago on next day. This in total caused me a delay of 26 hours to my destinations. Needless to mention, I had to pay again for my remaining travel arrangements.

At the end, they do not want to compensate more than a 300 USD voucher for Etihad tickets, which doesn't even cover my additional cost.

I can confirm that the Etihad airlines will not take the responsibility for anything at their end and act like it's all on the passenger.