Complaint: Customer Service Virgin Australia underwhelms
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Default Virgin Australia underwhelms

I booked my husband and I on a return flight Perth, Australia to London, UK for August 2016.
I booked via Virgin Australia, because Im a member of their FF program (Im at silver level).
A week before flying, I visited the Virgin website to try and get extra legroom seats, for which I was more than happy to pay. The website said I had to contact guest services.
I contacted Virgin guest services. They told me they couldnt make the extra legroom booking because it was an Etihad flight, and to contact Etihad. They gave me the Etihad booking reference.
I rang Etihad, who advised that no, it was a Virgin flight and it was they that had to do the extra legroom booking for me.
I rang Virgin again. They said definitely they couldnt make the change, and to ring Etihad again.
I rang Etihad again, who advised me that I could not purchase extra legroom seats and I had to arrange them with Virgin when I checked in at the airport on the day of the flight. for god's sake!
Four calls. Numerous attempts to get this done online.