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My traveling group and I took a vacation to Greece and were booked on direct flights between New York and Athens on a shared flights with Air France and Delta. Two days before our departure from Athens we were advised by our travel agent that the Delta and Air France were no longer sharing that flight, the flight was overbooked and Air France had rebooked some of us on a connecting flight through Paris. The travel agent said they had no control over the changet. Since we were a group and also had prepaid our transportation home from JFK airport in New York, we wanted to keep our original direct flight. Air France booked us on a flight which connected through Paris, causing us to split from our group, get to New York four hours later than scheduled and miss our prepaid transportation (causing us to pay additional monies for taxis) and then told us that since they got us back to New York on the scheduled date and they were not responsible for the foul-up of our flights (blaming Delta, which may or may not be true), they fulfilled their contract with us and owed us nothing. Add to this the connection in Paris where we almost missed our plane and the thousands of people at security and boarding, and it was a nightmare. We had to race across the Paris airport for at least a half mile, and weíre seniors with luggage! Delta apologized for their shortcomings and offered us some compensation for our troubles. Air France offered us nothing and everyone knows that a connecting flight costs less than a direct flight. They would not reimburse us for the difference in the cost of the flights. All of this despite the fact that we didnít want to take that flight in the first place, we were never consulted beforehand, and we were offered no alternatives. They obviously donít believe in good will gestures either.
This was my third flight with Air France and I can assure you it will be my last. The first time I traveled with them they misplaced my luggage; the second time they left us off way outside the airport and had a tram take us to our Terminal, which of course was late and caused us to miss our flight. We then had to wait several hours for another flight. Three strikes and they are out, BIG TIME!
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Air France, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!