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I booked a ticket from Albania back to the UK flying Austrian Air. I received a booking confirmation. When I checked the status of my credit card later, I saw that the sum of £2113 had duly been requested. All seemed well.

I travelled to the airport at 2am for the 4.30am flight. Q’ed at check-in to be told that my booking was cancelled by Austrian. After booking why did I not received a phone call or an email telling me of a problem. (that’s called customer service) They had both.

I went to the airport customer service desk, there was a line of people waiting with problems with their tickets and a lady crying. I was mealy told that my booking didn’t go through because of non-payment. I said I had booked three business class tickets and my card showed a payment pending. Customer service said it wasn’t paid. I called my card company there and then, again it was confirmed that indeed the payment was pending no issues their side.
So bear in mind this is the airline who have done this and not the card company, they would have called me.

I was told via the agent speaking to Austria, this can’t happen. Proof of the website payment and the card company representative was declined.

Customer service was completely unhelpful when informed of my predicament, telling me ‘surprisingly’ that I was able to use the same card to pay for 3 new tickets, which was 200€ more expensive as my only option. (very sharp practice, now charging me extra.) Trying to use the card again to take over £2000 blocked the card. I had to return to Tirana at 4.30am with two ten-year old children. My wife flew without me.

The next possible flight because of Easter was 4 days later. I had to take the first available flight home to a different airport.

There's something about the words ‘Customer Care Team’ who were shown to have a complete indifference, it should be called ‘the Complaints Department.’ No care was shown in my case.
It appears now that the payment excuse was a complete fabrication as I have spoken to one of their employees who I know quite well to find that it fact, I was declined tickets through an algorithm for fraudulent ticketing.
I wrote to them and they never admitted anything at all. Just the usual skipping around the real answer.
It should have been followed up. A simple check would have revealed my wife of the same surname and address as a frequent flyer was also booked on the same flight, business class.
I cannot in all honesty recommend Austrian Air in any shape or form as when it goes wrong nothing would be done. I am not the first with the exact same issue, reading the other complaint sites.
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