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The flight has been take off at 8:15 PM (Schedule Departure 17:50) which is 25 minutes late, after passage of time, in flight crew members started to serve food only on priority basis (those passenger who have pay for priority/selective basis). Since in order to reach timely (3:00 hrs prior to departure schedule) we have started our journey at 3:30 from Kuala Lumpur hotel. Our check in time was around 5:00 PM. From hotel to till in flight service of food my both the children does not take any meal. Since they are hungry and could not bare their hunger, I request in flight crew member to serve the food to my children. But my request was gone in vein since they are busy with priority service as well as to serve the food to other passenger they have not taken my plea on humanity basis. When they serve alcohol to other passenger even then also I requested to serve food to children who badly needed food but their approach was totally in human. After my continuous request lastly they show mercy towards my children and served the food (probably we were the last passenger to whom meal was served). I was very disheartened with the approach of in flight crew and as protest I refuse to take my meal.
From the above incidence, there are certain questioned required to dealt with;
1. Whether airline is justified in adopting greed base approach (taking extra money for service of meal on priority/Selective basis) as against the need base approach so far as serving of meal is concern?
2. Since the food is essential and integral part of human existence and particularly the need of meal to everyone and especially to the children and old age people who need food on utmost priority. Then airline should be permitted anti human approach to make money from in flight food service by adopting the greed base approach?
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