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Default Update to my Warning to Consumers about Air Canada

In response to my 20 January 2014 post, "Burgers" stated that there are "always a few malcontents everywhere".

Well, perhaps. But I am one of many, not a few, who have had outrageously bad experiences with Air Canada. For example, today (3 February 2014) on the Customer Service Scoreboard website (, there are 265 negative ratings for Air Canada. That is more negative ratings than for Air France, KLM, and Quantas *combined*.

I can report that Air Canada finally did return the suitcase, 38 days after they lost it. One of its two handles was gone, and the main closure latch was damaged, probably beyond repair. As a gesture of their "concern," Air Canada offered a 25% discount on a future trip, as long as I fly with them within 12 months.

Knowing what I now know about the risks of flying on Air Canada, a 25% discount is more insult than incentive.

I repeat: Stay away from Air Canada if you can.