Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Poor customer relations
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Angry Poor customer relations

Had an extremely bad experience at the check-in counter at the LAX when I went to drop my wife and child. The check-in baggage count was good and was not overweight. My daughter had a small bag full of toys and the counter staff wanted to count that as a carry on item. Couple of carry on bags were slightly overweight, which required 'MINOR' adjustment of transferring some items into the check-in baggage. The attendant was extremely rude and told us that we will have to get on the side, rearrange things, and once done, will have to get BACK IN LINE AGAIN! This added the extra inconvenience of waiting in line for another 45 minutes!!

We travel a lot and know that in situations like these, the counter staff always tells you to skip the line once the baggage is rearranged. But not ETIHAD, they seem to be the exception. When I filed a complaint through the airline, they tried everything under the sun to make excuses, they even lied that we had an extra carry on bag.

I am appealing to all the consumers out there to AVOID this airline at all costs. Not worth the hassle of saving a lit bit of money and then have to deal with bunch of rude, lying, and dishonest airline and its staff.