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Some airline lounges have "family rooms" which are separate from the main lounge area and are often separated by a door to keep the noise level in the main part of the lounge down. I realize you paid a premium fare to fly business class but that doesn't entitle you to disturb others in the lounge with the noise of your rambunctious two year old. Others who also paid a premium for their tickets or who pay annually for lounge access have the right to enjoy a quiet atmosphere. I'm not sure why you were so offended by the lounge staff asking you to quiet him down. It's their job and since, as you say, the noise went on for an hour before they approached you they were probably doing so because of a complaint from someone else in the lounge.

As for your impression of Austrian Airlines being "kid friendly" here is the information, in English, from their website on traveling with children:

Children on board There's lots for children to see and do on board! Our younger guests can look forward to toys and games, a special children's menu and our JetFriends magazine, plus a varied inflight entertainment programme. Games and toys

For children aged 3 and above, we provide a wide range of different games, toys and puzzles for different age groups on board all our scheduled flights. It's a good idea to bring your children's favourite toys with you as well.

Special kids' menu

We also serve meals that are specially designed to appeal to younger tastes. A special children's menu is available for our younger guests in Business Class on short and medium-haul flights and in both classes on long-haul routes – please reserve at least 24 hours before departure. On all flights, children are always served their meals first.
All of this information pertains to services for children in-flight. There is no mention of any special amenities for children in the lounge.