Complaint: Check-in / Boarding WORST Airline award goes to....Qatar Airways
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Exclamation WORST Airline award goes to....Qatar Airways

Flight Number: M3CINO

Flight from Shanghai 23:50 to London 20:25 with Qatar airlines.

Unable to board the plane due to misinformation concerning luggage allowance by Qatar airways staff in Shanghai. Prior to flying, I called Qatar airways (Shanghai, phone number: 400 994 9992) with the intention to check if it was necessary to buy additional baggage. However, I was told it was not a concern as Qatar airways allows multiple bags for those flying to Europe/North america, as long as the total does not exceed 30kg per bag.
I was packing to leave China after 4 years and therefore needed additional luggage. I've lived in China long enough to know how information can be misunderstood, so called again the next day to make sure. Again, I was told that it was not an issue as flights to London allow multiple cases, as long as each case is below 30kg (not together).

I arrived at the airport with 3 big cases and 1 hand luggage, to be told at Gate G that I must pay $1500 as the weight of all my bags combined was 60kg, and cannot be above 30kg. I tried to tell the staff member that I was told the 30 kg was per bag and not collectively, but he was not cooperative. There was no desk for the airline at the airport and when I tried to call, all offices were closed.

So I was left with no other choice but to stay in Shanghai for one more night and book a flight with a different airline for the next day. When I arrived at the airport the next day, I explained my experience to airport staff and asked if there was a form that I could fill in, or if they were able to give the name of the staff member at Gate G for Qatar airlines. However, they said all they have is the office number of Qatar airways and that there was nothing else that they could do.

When I had called on the previous two days, I called with my Chinese number (13611987435). I understand that all calls are recorded and that therefore you will clearly hear both conversations to Shanghai staff concerning information on luggage allowances to confirm my claim.

Once I arrived in London, I try to contact the airline several times. I had to send complaint email to which I received a robotic response immediately with no acknowledgment to the actual situation or the evidence i gave in.

Having used Qatar airways many times, I am hugely disappointed with this situation.