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My name is Joanne Swain. As a new retiree I frequently fly with different airlines. I purchased a round trip ticket to visit my son in Maui, Hawaii. Although you stated you would like to make every flight a positive experience for your passengers, I did not have a positive experience. Going to Maui from LAX, two flights were taken the (first one was not an issue). The first flight was okay. However, the second flight 205 going from LAX to Hawaii which was scheduled for 4 hr and 18 min had no entertainment . There was no TV to watch any movies or an app to log on for WiFi or watch on a mounted TV. This was confusing given I watched Wonder Woman on my first flight going to LAX and coming back home. This was confusing also it made my 4 hr flight very uncomfortable. I have never experienced this issue with other airlines before. In addition , I purchased a round trip ticket in advance with no assigned sitting until I arrived at the new gate in LAX, I asked at that time if I could get an aisle sit because I have to use the bathroom quite often and didn't want to disturb the other passengers, the agent said I had to wait, however, I noticed that seats was now occupied by standbys and some of them received aisle seats and I witness that there were other aisle seats available on the plane after the flight attendant start counting all available seats left, I asked again and was told to wait. They gave me a middle seat which both gentlemen had their carry on bags on the floor due to lack of space overhead and this was very uncomfortable for me having to sit between them both. Nobody said anything, which added to the lack of comfort for my flight. I received no beverages on the plane until I asked and she gave me a half cup full, and I was not informed I had to purchase food on the plane since I was given food on the first flight. This flight was overbooked to the point that they had to ask a passenger to volunteer and leave to accommodate a family of six.

I would like to know if there is a consistent policy on entertainment and will I have to purchase entertainment in the future just to not sit in silence on the air craft or food to eat. If so I would have to take my business elsewhere as I felt I was disrespected on this flight from LAX to Hawaii. I was told that your airlines take your passengers needs and comfort into consideration at all times. This did not happen on that flight. I considered my first flight with American Airlines a bad experience. I plan on continuing to travel to different countries and would not like to have this first bad experience to happen again and hope to travel with American Airlines maybe again?
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