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Originally Posted by flyhi152 View Post
By the way: you don't even have to travel with different airline and still be forced to purchase two different tickets to get to your destination: for example

1.) Jet Blue flies to Phoenix and Bogota, yet if you want to go from Phoenix to Bogota you will have to buy two separate tickets from them. I called them several times to find out why and the only answer they had was "we can't send the luggage directly from PHX to BOG"
The JetBlue flight to BOG is: JFK-MCO-BOG sold as a through flight.
The reasons you do not see PHX-BOG being sold, is: 1.) PHX-JFK is a red-eye flight, and arrives in the early AM hours into JFK. Flight 1783 JFK-MCO-BOG leaves arround 1:00pm and the gap on the connecting flights is too great. Now the way around this is to fly PHX-JFK-MCO on 1 ticket, and seperately buy a 2nd ticket from MCO to BOG. Now keep in mind currently JetBlue only flies MCO-BOG-MCO 5Xs weekly and the dates you may have had in mind the BOG flight is not offered. 2.) The other reason is that JetBlue does not interline with an airline offeres service to BOG.