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Well, i certainly understand how a rude airline staff can really put one off - yet I'm surprised you faced this on Air India, Cortney.

From my experience on Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Gulf Air, British Airways, Lufthansa (also flown single flights on many others but dont want to make a judgement based on 1 flight) - Air India wins hands down in terms of staff responsiveness, helpful attitude and genuine care (Lufthansa is on the other end of the specturm here).
I mean I've never ever seen staff go out their way to help on any other airline but it happens consistently on Air India - once I witnessed an Air Indian air hostess putting a baby to sleep (taking care of the baby for at least 5 minutes) while a mother managed her other 2 toddlers. (I am talking about economy class - in business/first class, all airlines are more responsive).

I agree their planes on average are not as good (you must have unfotunately been on of the really bad ones cortney). They definitely cant compete with say Emirates with their aging fleet (Yet, I've been on a couple of routes where Air India has brand planes with outstanding seats, entertainment, food quality ).

But while aircraft/equipment quality is very importamt, I am of the opinion that when you have a bad day, a fellow human beings warmth is whats most important.

Hope you have better flights ahead!