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Originally Posted by PHXFlyer View Post
OK, what is SO DIFFICULT about posting these complaints to the APPROPRIATE FORUM! Damn do you not realize that Air India and Continental have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with each other? If you're going to take the time to post a complaint then take the time to post it to the CORRECT FORUM! Of course the fatc that I reported it will result in NO ACTION by the MODS. They ignore EVERYTHING I report.
PHX, put the gun down. Nobody wants to hurt you. It is quite clear that in your fragile emotional state all this posting has you stressed, depressed, and mad - and you just don't know what to do. Poor guy. You're crying out for help and that's just what we are here for.

Here's how to cope with those strong emotions and calm yourself down:

1.) Get off the computer and take a nice, long walk. You can still mutter random incoherencies to yourself. Nobody's going to judge you.

2.) Take the medication thatís been prescribed by your team of psychiatrists. Itís the only way all those little voices are going away.

3.) Talk to a friend. Only real people and in person PHX. Imaginary friends, former airline employees, and your internet buddies donít count.

4.) Lay off the mushrooms. You know theyíre only making your delusions worse.

5.) Picture yourself in a happy place. Itís clear you love the crappy service dished up by U.S. airlines, so perhaps for you that place is the center seat way in the back of a badly delayed, fully loaded DC-9. AhÖ feel better already donít you?

I hope these suggestions are helpful. And remember, one day at a time PHX!
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