Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Overbooked flight & rude attitude of airport officer
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Thumbs down Overbooked flight & rude attitude of airport officer

I recently fly with Etihad from Belgrade to Kuala Lumpur for business trip. I reached airport on time, and the counter told me that the flight is overbooked. The counter officer (Mr.Anton) is very rude to me, he refused to answer to my questions , and put me waiting in front of the counter. After 40 minutes of waiting, i go to him again and he still ask me waiting (even the boarding time has passed). Mr Anton then tell me that i will be in trouble (he will call security) if i ask more question. After 15 minutes, he told that they had brought another ticket (with different flight company, different route, different arrival time). I would have to take the offer or just buy another ticket by myself. I believe flight company do not have the power to simply change their passenger tickets without consent. I made many international calls informing my family members, colleagues and client to inform the change of flight. I file a complaint with Etihad (ref:672615) and the customer support replied by clause 9.3 , i cannot claim for any damage or anything to them. This flight company practice is truely disgusting