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Hello Michael,

Mrssage From Delta

Thanks for writing about your travel to and from FLL on December 2. We will investigate your concerns and get back to you as quickly as possible. We ask you to be patient as it may take up to 30 days to respond.



First Complaint

Message: I flew down to my cancer doctor, and returned the same day. The customer service in first class was below par. I had a wheelchair requested due to cancer/surgery. From the counter at ATL the rolled me to the plane. The lady could not speak English, and was pushing me like I was playing on bumper cars. She sat me at the gate 6, and when boarding started the older man at the gate wheeled me own with nothing nut attitude. I already felt horrid, and this did not help. I was not offered anything to drink nor eat. The best part I did have a blanket I was really cold. We touched down in FLL, and I had NO WHEELCHAIR waiting. I spoke to lady at the gate, and again barely any English spoken. I walked it with a few breaks, but made it to Cleveland Clinic in time. The trip back which I will write another complaint about was just as bad if not worse. Thank you

Second Complaint

Message: I sent a complaint in for flight DL2026. This is the flight home after I left the doctor at Cleveland Clinic. I finished early at doctor, I had a small infection from surgery, and my doctor wanted me home in ATL ASAP. I called Delta, and the rep said I would get 18,000 old miles back if I gave up my first class 3:55 PM ticket I could get on the 250PM flight, but would have to fly coach. I agreed. She needed $50 via credit card, and I only had cash. She said they would take it at FLL when I arrived. I paid the money, and got a coach ticket back to Atlanta. I had no wheelchair again in FLL walking to the gate. I did not have one when I arrived in ATL. I expect more from Delta when I live in your city. I also having cancer like many others you should treat us with a little better service. I don't like not having what I need. I don't like being lied to. The rep on the phone made since, but when I spoke to another ep she really acted like she could care less, and just gave me 20,000 miles to make me shut up. I feel as a person, and as having cancer, and me supporting Delta many years I think I deserve more. I wasn't even given a sorry. This is not the way to treat people. It's wrong. I expect a I am sorry, and something to make it right. Thanks
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Delta Air Lines, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!