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Default Don't expect a free flight voucher when your flight is cancelled for TWO days!

Boooo US Airways customer service! I was just told on the phone (after submitting 2 complaints online) that they won't reimburse car rental expenses when a flight is cancelled. Rather than wait TWO days to get home and miss my wedding anniversary, I chose to rent a car with a stranger (now a friend!), and we drove nearly 10 hours overnight to get home from upstate New York. US Airways said "sir, that was your choice." Yes, given the choice between waiting 2 xtra days to get home or driving overnight to be with my wife on our anniversary, there was no choice! From now on, though, I will choose to NOT fly with US Air if I can avoid it! All I got was a refund on the cancelled flight and a $100 voucher, which can't be used with online reservations; phone only. My car rental and gas expenses alone were about $100, so there was zero consideration of the fact that the company couldn't me home for TWO days (with no weather problems), and if I would have waited, I would have missed my entire anniversary weekend, when we obviously had plans. Lack of accountability, minimal understanding from customer relations, and objectively unfair all around. This wasn't customer service, it was a DISSERVICE. Disgraceful.