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On Monday, May 15th, 2017 our flight from JFK to Daytona was canceled. I don't like it but it happens. They did a decent job with vouchers for meal and a cab to take me from Jacksonville to Daytona.

The problem is that they did a very poor job of handing the rebooking. I had to physically wait on line for 2 hours standing all the time. My feet went numb.

There were just 3 agents trying to rebook about 200 people. Then the number of Agents went to 2. There should have been more. Someone should have been giving us options while online instead of each person basically asking the same questions when they got to talk to an agent.

Net is that instead of getting home at 1PM it was 9PM. My feet hurt for a day. Tuesday was all just recovery. I was totally exhausted. I know that being 69 didn't help that but JetBlue could have made is easier.
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