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Angry Don't bother complaining

Having an on-going battle getting Qatar to deal with a complaint. My mother travelled from the UK to Bangkok in November and they changed her seats from the booking on line. They have done this on nearly every flight for the last 8 years. My mother has mobility problems and needs to sit on an aisle seat on the left of the plane....shouldn't be a problem as there are lots of these. But oh no Qatar knows which seats are better for her and often say it is due to "OPERATIONAL" reasons change her seats.

I have complained about this and the fact that they discriminate against disabled passengers as they aren't allowed to check-in on line so it is only when they get the airport they find out. I have put the complaint in 5 times now as every time they are pushed they stop replying to my emails.

The Civil Aviation Authority is looking into this as I have made a complaint to them and hopefully they can make them change this. Other airlines let you check in when you are assisted passage so I don't know what the problem is.

I am really annoyed about this and more annoyed that Qatar stop responding so I will be resubmitting the complaint yet again -FOR THE 6th TIME - who knows maybe someone will deal with it this time!!!!: