Complaint: Customer Service Buying Turkish Airline tickets=Robbery???
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Default Buying Turkish Airline tickets=Robbery???

Oh, I forgot to mention... I tried to purchase a ticket online with Turkish Airline, but my VISA Card was denied... (that's another story, I see this is a regularly occurring fact, in another complaint on this site for the same airline, a gentleman was denied four different cards issued by 3 banks !!!).

Anyway, back to the main topic, I try to purchase a ticket via the website, cost 400 euros. As my payment didn't go through, I managed (after endless attempts) to call a Turkish Airline ticket office: the cost was 600 euros !!!

I told them that the price was mush less on the website a few minutes ago, and they asked me to reserve the ticket on the website, then call them back to make the payment.

Bull****, bull****, bull**** !!! None of the suggested solutions worked, and even if they did, what is that !?? Counting on customers lack of information to pickpocket him or her ???

Robbery, pure robbery!!

Shame on you, Turkish Airlines !! I hope you die soon, and with these practices, you will , guaranteed !!!