Complaint: Baggage Problem Spirit is the worse Airline
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Old Feb 25, 2009, 1:04 AM
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This is disgraceful treatment. You should file a claim in small claims and next time you talk to them try to tape the call. (You may be required in your state to disclose it is being taped, so you should check this). The dialogue between you and the customer service agent if true is a disgrace. One word of advice... the "I hurt my back carrying cases up 3 flights of stairs" is a none starter in relation to your claim. If you had got the bags on the day, you would still have had to carry them up 3 flights of stairs. That is not Spirits responsibility. Likewise, it is never advisable to pack essential medications. I don't think you have much hope of recovering the doctor costs. The taxi fares are entirely legitimate and you should not have to explain yourself for that, and the costs of buying replacement clothing is also totally legitimate. In particular, the trips to the airport to collect your bags were entirely the result of Spirit repeatedly misinforming you of the delivery of the bags and they were negligent in causing you to incur this expense. I would file a complaint with the DOT and file a small claims court claim.