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Originally Posted by The_Judge View Post
A passenger is allowed the luggage allowance at the time of purchase, normally. Ex., if a passenger purchased a ticket in Jan for travel in June and that airline allowed 2 bags at 70lbs a piece at the time of purchase but subsequently changed the policy in March to 1 bag at 50lbs, the passenger is still entitled to 2 at 70lbs. At least in my experience.

I will also agree with Jim that it depends on how the ticket was purchased. If it was purchased all for one trip on the same itinerary, it makes no difference if there are stopovers. You will be allowed the international allowance even on the domestic portion. This is a very gray area for many agents as they can't seem to decipher what "same itinerary" means. Really, it comes down to the ticket number. If your ticket number shows just one ticket or a conjunction ticket, it is considered to be the same itinerary. If you have 2 completely different ticket numbers combining your international and domestic travel, that equates into 2 wholly different tickets with different rules. Hope that makes sense. : )
This is no gray area - I specifically asked the Air Berlin agent at the time of booking what baggage policy would apply to my ticket. There was an option to buy a cheaper ticket with the legs from DUS to and from DME would be allowed the lower baggage weight. I overpaid to make sure i have no problems. Still, I got the same problems and Air Berlin people try to play as if they have nothing to do with it.

And the "lost paper ticket fee" is a complete shame: I was issued an electronic ticke for all 4 legs of my journey. Yet, I was forced to pay 25 EUR more at DUS. And Air Berling come back to me saying that "they are right" with no explanation whatsoever.
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