Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked IB 6409- Flight delayed 17 hours
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Angry IB 6409- Flight delayed 17 hours

I was on flight IB 6409 on July 30 from Madrid to Mexico City.

Scheduled to depart at 11.45pm, we boarded as normal.

We were left on the plane for 3 hours due to technical faults to the air conditioner which was not working properly.
The technician could not fix this and we were told to get off the plane.

No attention whatsoever was provided by staff on board to passengers (e.g. we had to go and get water).

Once off the plane we got off at about 2.30am and with little to no assistance from Iberia staff at the airport, myself as other passengers, had to follow the crowd to see where we had to go.

We queued for passport checks and passengers with children and babies were not given priority.

At around 3am we arrived at the airport entrance where we were given some free sandwiches at the bar. The amount of food given was ridiculous and as it was 3am I was starving (as we had had nothing to eat on the plane and I was planning to eat on board) and was forced to buy extra food.

We then took a bus to a local hotel at 3.34am. By 4am we were at the hotel.
Now imagine a whole bus checking in a medium size hotel lobby.
We queued for 1 hour and 10 minutes to check it for our rooms. Again no assistance from Iberia staff or the hotel.

I got my room at 5.10am

By this point I didn't know what was going to happen the next day regarding schedules, departing time of buses or plane.

All by word of mouth between passengers, the next day we got a bus back to the hotel at 2pm.
With the help of other passengers me and the others reached the gate.
The departure time was not clear indicated. After around 1 hour of asking around I manage to figure out the correct departing time and gate.

We then departed from Madrid at 5.45pm

This was a horrible assistance from Iberia and the way they handled it.

I complaint on their site to which they replied: 'Sorry'

I have complained again as want to take this further to get compensation.