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The issue:
Recently (in late December) I flew United from US to CDG. I had 2 bags (61lbs and 66lbs respectively) to check-in. The united rep at the check in area said that I would have to pay $200 for excess weight of the bags. I explained to her that I'm a premier executive and I have flown this route many times and have never been charged fees for overweight bags. i also told her that as a Prem Exec, I'm entitled upto 3 bags (upto 70lbs each).
Her response was - do one of the following:
- get 2 bags to 50lbs and move the other items into a third bag ( note - i did not have a 3rd bag to put stuff into!!!)
- Throw away the excess items
She then arrogantly mentioned that there is no way she could waive the excess weight fee - as if she would have done a favor on me by doing so. Eventually, I gave up and paid the fee for the sake of salvaging my vacation (honeymoon, if I may say)

The resolution:
I emailed the refunds department after this issue and asked for a full refund of the $200. Within 3 days I got an email saying that "the refund has been issued and will be credited to original form of payment in 7 business days." Issue resolved right? WRONG.
I have the habit of checking my credit card transactions ever so often and realized that even after 3 weeks, I hadn't been refunded the amount back.
I have sent over 5 emails now and it has been over 5 weeks since I got that first email from United. Each time, i keep getting the same message "the refund has been...7 business days".
Worst of all, they don't respond back to a specific issue (the above paragraph). Not just that, they don't even have a phone number to call for the refunds!!!

Since its been that long (over 5 weeks from the email and over 7 weeks from the time I was unfairly charged the amount), am I not due for some sort of compensation and interest fee in addition to the $200??? What do you guys think?
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