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I have traveled with someone last Saturday on July 28th to Florida. I had arrived on time and waited for a flight that was supposed to depart at 4:55pm. I was in Group 7 with that other person and waited for the announcement to make the call to board the plane. An agent proclaimed in the speaker that those in Group 7 had to check in their small bags as large ones because there weren't be enough space to store them after passengers in Group 1 - 6 had gotten inside. The last group that was called was the 6th and I waited for the announcement to call me. Then a minute later the doors had closed and the agents told me the plane had left and that I had to wait for the next one. Not only did the other person and I miss the plane due to an agent's mistake but our bags were in it without any security at the pick up location. The agent was not articulate nor coherent even though we were within range of the speakers.

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