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Wife and I booked to fly Sapporo-Singapore via Taipei on Scoot Business Class on 11 Mar 2017 at 19:30pm. We were going to be in Tokyo so asked to change origin from Sapporo to Tokyo for same day. Was not allowed so had to book connecting flight Tokyo-Sapporo, arriving 17:15, 2:15 hours before scheduled departure of Scoot flight.

Scoot then retimed the flight to 17:25pm, thus unable to make the connection. Seemed obvious that now they should change the origin to Tokyo....but no. Called Friday 3 Mar. Spoke to 'Cinnie'. Was told that they would not change the origin. Under the 'terms of carriage' they were allowed to do this retiming and were not responsible for any costs incurred. Pressed and was told they would escalate to superiors to change origin. Was told I would be called back in 48 hours. No call back by Sunday 5 Mar. Called again. Had exactly the same conversation with 'Gemini' and was told I would be called back by Wednesday (3 days before travel). No call back by Thursday afternoon. Called again and had EXACTLY they same conversation again, this time with 'Parker'. Said they would DEFINITELY this time call back on Friday (1 day before travel). No call back by Friday so had to call again and had exactly the same conversation again, this time with an 'Alvin'...Still not budging and still same line that I would have to stump up a change fee (over several hundred $$) or get a new earlier flight to Sapporo. By this point I had spent about 2 hours on the phone calling on international rates, which alone had cost me over $400. Options were bleak. In the end I had to pay equivalent of $480 to change the origin. Adding together these costs, I paid an extra $880 because they retimed the flight. This is absolutely appalling, and the fact that I was told repeatedly that I would be called back, and was not, was equally distressing. Partially ruined a holiday with the stress of it. Will never be flying Scoot again.
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