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The recent events regarding United are of no surprise. As far as airlines are concerned passengers are merely meat in the seats and the compassion package is not included with your ticket, especially if you are a minority. Here are the details of my most recent hell trip with "Unlegiant":

The first incident occurred when my wife and I visited my ailing mother in Oklahoma. The day of our departing flight I locked my vehicle in the McCarran airport parking garage then zipped our remote control into a side pocket of our singular suitcase. We then checked the luggage into the Unlegiant customer service counter. Upon landing in Tulsa we claimed our bag only to find the side pocket damaged and our $450 remote missing (it appeared as if it were sliced open with a sharp instrument.) I reported this to Unlegiant and was dismissively advised that "we'll keep an eye out for it" and that's the last I heard regarding the matter. Luckily my wife had a spare remote so we were able to get home upon our return.

The second incident occurred on our return flight home. My wife has undergone several intestinal surgeries and suffers occasional, uncontrollable internal disruptions. When she has to go to the bathroom she has to go IMMEDIATELY! Unfortunately she began to experience discomfort as our Allegiant flight was taxiing towards the runway for takeoff. She desperately attempted to signal a fight attendant seated nearby to advise her she required instantaneous relief. The young lady, who appeared immersed in texting on her phone, dismissively glanced our direction then returned to her thumb hockey ( I thought all electronic devices were supposed to be blah-blah-blah...) Unable to contain her agony, my wife unfastened her seatbelt and hurried towards the bathroom at the rear of the plane. The flight attendant (NOW we have her attention) further exacerbated an already embarrassing situation as she arrogantly commanded "YOU NEED TO GET BACK IN YOUR SEAT!" To add insult to injury the airplane was forced to an abrupt halt until my wife was finished. She then exited the bathroom only to encounter a cabin full of unsavory glares from our fellow passengers due to the hostile environment created by the belligerent flight attendant. This made the remainder of our flight VERY uncomfortable! My wife is a beautiful dark skinned Caribbean woman and I am Caucasian. The offending flight attendant was also Caucasian (I think I heard a lil' ol' country twang) and obviously harbors resentment towards mixed race couples or just plain doesn't like people of color. Her and other crew members were accommodating and polite towards the "traditional" couples, but not so much to us. I feel this is a serious dereliction of training regarding their personnel and we were abhorrently insulted.