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Yes jim, move on because you're really bad at this. You're right, your original stance was not to say that TSA is more likely to steal than an airline employee, you're original stance doesn't statement doesn't mention TSA, Your original statement tries to refute gromit's statement, who originally said "There's no way to know who took it".

Jim = Fail

There have been numerous cases of thieving airline employees taking customers stuff, and many have been prosecuted. He goes on to contradict himself by stating the more truthful "there is no way of knowing who took it". But what the customer does know is this: they placed their luggage in the care of the airline, and the airline didn't take sufficient care of it to ensure it was delivered whole to the customer.
My original point was to show that a TSA could have done it as well. Why argue that? Why ask who is more likely than who to steal if BOTH are capable of it? (again my original stance). It doesn't matter if you provide links that says its an ongoing issue. It's an ongoing issue on both sides. My original point was to show that TSA is capable of theft. And to the OP I included both parties rather than point fingers at one. Here's a reminder:

To the OP: if you wanna find out who took your camera, or look to be compensated for the loss you cannot blame one. Blame all! Start with TSA, whom are the first hands in the cookie jar and work your way from their. You cannot automatically assume an airline agent took it, though jim is correct, Airline agents are not innocent, they steal as well. But it is also well documented that TSA agents, customs agents, hell even police officers have a tendency to "dip in the till".

Yes jim, let this go. This is much to big for you to even attempt to defend, because you simply don't know how or just too blinded by what Delta did to you.
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