Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Purchased, ticketed, and confirmed isn't good anymore
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Angry Purchased, ticketed, and confirmed isn't good anymore

I purchased a ticket for my mother, Isabel Diaz Ramirez, on 10/8/2016 from Caracas, VEN to Houston, TX and also confirmed seat assignememt at the same time of purchase. On the morning of the flight, arriving well in advance of suggested time, upon checking in, Isabel was told she would not be departing because her seats were never confirmed, At 5:50 a.m I received a call from a United representative, who then allowed my mom to speak to me. Frantically crying and with a panic attack nearing surface, she explained to me that the United representive had told her there was no seat assigned to her. I then spoke to the United employee and confirmed with him that her flight and seat had been confirmed months ago and provide him with the confirmation number. My mother was only offered a flight for next day departure. I immediately called United reservations to see what I could do to rectify the situation, after roughly two hours of phone wait time, conversations and being transferred, no one could answer the one question I needed an answered "If I purchased a ticket with confirmed seat assignment directly from United, why I would my mother be taken off the flight, transferred to a day later flight, then moved to standby?"
By the time I was done speaking with United, I received a message from my mother stating that United in Caracas put her back on the flight but her luggage wouldn't arrive until the next day because the flight was "already closed"- nevermind the fact that the flight was delayed for "awaiting aircraft". I am happy she has arrived as planned, however, there still several things that are utterly unacceptable, down right unethical, and suspicious. My concerns are as follow:
1. I was told, and it is confirmed, that a United employee deliberately took my mom off the flight for no reason, and got away with it?
2. How is it that 3 different United employees could not answer one very simple question?
3. How can I have any assurance that this will not happen again, to me, my family and other United customers?
4. Luggage - what is the guarantee that the luggage arrives in one piece?
5. The amount of time spent dealing with this is unacceptable. The anguish and anxiety cause to my mother is also unnecessary and unacceptable. What is United doing to show their commitment to us? I am not complacent and "sorry" is not enough.