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Angry Delta Airlines Leaves US Citizen Stranded in Foreign Country

I was wrongfully denied boarding by Delta Airlines. I am a US Citizen, born and raised in Washington State, who lives in Australia and also has Australian citizenship. I was going home to visit family and friends in Seattle. I had booked my airline tickets under my Australian passport as it matches the name on my credit card. I had a name change to my first name. This is reflected on my Australian passport but not my USA passport. My Australian passport clearly indicates I was BORN IN THE USA.

My partner and I arrived at the Perth Australia airport 2.5 hours before our flight was to leave. Delta uses Virgin International as one of their partners. When Virgin tried to book my boarding pass for the flight from Sydney to LAX, Delta rejected it. I showed the staff my USA passport as I do not need a ESTA visa, I am a USA citizen. A supervisor from Virgin came over and called Delta, he also called the booking agent, Wot If. Delta simply needed to change the name so it would match up with Homeland security’s system. They refused to do anything and suggested I buy a new ticket. The Supervisor at Virgin called Delta at their headquarters and talked to several supervisors there.

This experience was extremely distressing. It caused a lot of grief for my partner and my family who was looking forward to seeing me.
Delta refuses to do anything. They refuse to compensate me and somehow think I should still pay them for the flight they wrongfully denied boarding. Somehow they think it is reasonable that my partner should fly over without me and also do not want to compensate her. They refuse to sort this out and book another flight without paying twice my original ticket price.
Stranding US Citizens overseas is simply unacceptable. It was in Delta Airlines power to fix this and they refused to do anything. They are behaving like an agency that is not accountable to anyone.

I would love some help on getting home and any suggestions.

thank you