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A string of emails back & forth to Customer Complaints yielded nothing but platitudes and ignored all questions that required any degree of commitment by AA.

Having been bumped from one flight to another this February at LAX, losing my additional-cost upgrade seat in first because the replacement equipment didn't have enough first seats, I was given a AA $300 paper voucher. Using an AA voucher is nigh impossible and my request for a refund was declined and was referred to their boiler plate fine print T&C's.

AA's web site and mobile APP are as bad as the rest of the airline's performance. Practically impossible to use and does not allow you to use 'paper vouchers' for credit.

My son also flies AA because he has little choice. He has 84 upgrades from AA and has NEVER been able to use one because there's always a reason why it can't be. He has one horror story after another to tell about flying with AA. My fellow passenger on the flight out of LAX had the same experience. He has 56 upgrades.

My wife also reluctantly flies AA. Today the equipment was unserviceable and she was eventually boarded a flight leaving SEA for PNS six hours later. She will have been traveling 21 hours before she arrives at PNS. This after she had booked and paid for her flight well in advance only for AA to change all her flights on her without consultation or notice. She then had to spend at least 2 hours on the phone with an agent to change flights again that worked with her schedule. And after all this AA can't get the flight off the ground this morning at SeaTac. All the upgrades she paid for have been for nought because she's now sat in a middle seat between two very large people.

AA is a disaster. They are going so rapidly downhill that I will do everything I can in future to take almost any other airline than fly with AA. I know that's impossible because of the near-monopoly situation developing in the industry.

Congress needs to act now, and act forcefully against underperforming airline companies. Airlines should be held accountable to a standard and if they can't meet that standard they should be penalized severely. Either that or open up the gates to low cost carriers that have to compete in order to win their customer's business. AA should go the way of Eastern, Western, PanAm and all the other companies that forgot what service really means.
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