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Default Iberia Airlines International Business Plus Fare

This is a strange conversation. The point made seems simple: the triple cost of a business ticket implies several differences to a coach ticket: priority boarding and deplaning, extra space, almost 180 degree reclining seats, better food, drinks, good earphones, choice of entertainment programs, a lower ratio of toilletes per pax and a lower ratio of flight attendants per pax, permitting a more personalized service.
No one expects Paul Bocuse to prepare the food at serving time or Lady Gaga to perform live.
However, when one or more of the expected differences is not provided, there is a break in the contract, formal or informal.
Good companies would make serious efforts to demonstrate they are sorry when, for example, the entertainment system does not work (which happened to me a few times).
And they should reimburse the pax when something does not work. It would always be arbitrary but it would demonstrate they care and would motivate them to prevent the problem.
Passengers have been too quiet. Good Jan Pahde to speak loud.