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Default Cathay update

....And once SOME (not all, not even the majority) passengers reached their final destination, there was absolutely no baggage. There was zero contingency planning for this event, zero staff training on how to cope with what happened and a lack of tolerance, understanding or customer service from any of the staff we encountered during our 40-hour stopover. And on arrival at Adelaide airport....? Staff openly complained in English that they were staying late to deal with people, openly disrespected non-English speaking customers. It was a total disgrace. Adelaide airport..shape up and respect people different to yourselves, and Cathay...learn how to manage risk. Was that the only typhoon Hong Kong has ever experienced?? On leaving Hong Kong, everyone said they would never use Cathay again, and then in the car park at Adelaide, a local was complaining (and rightly) about how shocking facilities and attitudes are in Adelaide. The only reason I am using either facility in the near future is that this was the inbound flight and I have to complete the outbound.....