Complaint: Reservations Unbelievable fuel surcharge
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Default Unbelievable fuel surcharge

My complaint is about the way that Delta has abused the "fuel surcharge." Our church group booked a group fare in March for flight in October $446. The final payment and names did not have to be added until September 3. I was well aware that surcharges could be added. However, when I went to inquire as to what the curent charge for the tickets was, I was told that they had added over $330 in surcharges, effectively doubling the ticket price. I was expecting an increase, but nothing nearly so exorbitant as that. There was no communication whatsoever from the airline concerning the possibility of that kind of increase. As a matter of fact, there was no comminication at all. As I told them, they may as well have told us, " We will hold 14 seats for you, and when you are ready to book, we will tell you the price." I understand the difficulties that the airlines are facing, but it is not right to have a few passengers have to pay for the fuel for the rest of the passnegers that are booked. As a matter of fact, Delta is running an online price fo $560 presently for the exact same ticket. Yet, they want us to pay $760 while offering some passenger $200 less. If the surcharge is to help pay for the fuel, then why are passengers allowed to book after us, and get a $200 break? Shouldn't they also be paying for the fuel? I am also aware that this will get us nowhere, but something should be done to prevent the airlines from charging something just because they can.