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Thumbs down Discriminatory, Bad and Arrogant Customer Service

Recently my wife (a US Citizen) took a flight from LAX to India by Etihad Airlines. While Economy class service is below par with atrocious food, mediocre entertainment on 16+hr flights, uncomfortable seats- that's not the main complaint. On the way back from India, she had a 11 hour layover in Abu Dhabi (AUH), Etihad's main home hub. After the layover, she had another 16+ hours to LAX.
What I found out is, for almost all segments with over 8 hour layover, Etihad provides accommodation and lounge. But for "Indian subcontinent", I was told their "policy" is to not provide it. Airport (AUH) is below par and if you don't want sleep on those uncomfortable chairs in general public gate area, you've to use their lounge. That lounge, which is First Come First Serve and costs about $90/ for 3 hours. After every 3 hours, you've to wake up, come back to front desk and you'll join the end of line. If there're spots, pay $90 again and use for another 3 hours! How outrageous and ridiculous is that for someone who has another 27 hrs of journey left!!! Every time I contacted thru variety of medium (Twitter, Facebook, Telephone call) to Etihad customer service, their standard answer was initially, we'll look into it and after 3 or 4 days, come back with the same "policy" of not covering Indian segments!!! This went on for so many days. Finally, I got a reply from Feedback who said they'll look into it (again!) but never heard before my wife finished the journey sleep deprived. How discriminatory, racist and arrogant! Boycott Etihad - they don't treat customers right!