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Default Royal Air Maroc

If your interest is to be insulted by cabin crew, I would suggest you to fly Royal Air Maroc from anywhere to anywhere. Last flight from Ouagadou in Burkina Faso to Casablanca (and then to Toulouse) was starting 4 hours too late, there was no explanation, no excuse, no information whatsoever. An indonesian lady, not speaking english very good said to the Purser a word like "****". The purser nearly beat her up, told her to leave the seat, and did not allow her to sit for 30 minutes. The flight was full : at the rear to the airline stewardesses occupied all three seats to sleep. There was no food, and just some water to drink for a flight of 4 hours. Finally arriving in Casablanca we were of course too late for connectring flights. No assistance, no help, nothing, really nothing, nobody feels responsible. To fly to France I changed to a flight with Air France. I would say Royal Air Maroc is totally SUBSTANDARD, an insult to the airline industry and with their arrogant and insulting behaviour an exemple of what is wrong in that region.