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Default Ryanair’s Flexi Plus Fare Not So Flexible

On the closer side of 80 years old I have had the wonderful experiences of meeting many Irish folks, not one has ever disappointed me.
Each were very approachable and open minded.
This has not been the case in dealing with Ryanair!
My wife and I are Canadian seniors, we booked a flight online, ( Booking Reference R3SQJP) directly with Ryanair however we made a mistake in selection of ticket price, assuming the highest paid price for Flexi Plus would meet our needs, We discovered later that we should have chosen the cheaper Plus ticket as the higher paid Flex Plus did not provide us with a free checked bag provision and that there was an additional $49.99 fee for each bag.
I tried to change within the 24-hour grace period but with the time change (8 hours) between GMT and PT in Canada it would not allow contact with customer care in time. We only wished to change to the Plus fare rather than pay the extra charges for the check bags.
We were willing to accept a change in our tickets to Plus, giving up any Flexi Plus benefits to Plus benefits and without any refund in ticket price.
We got in touch with customer care as soon as possible and filed a number of our requests but have been refused. We do not feel that our request is unreasonable considering this is our first experience with booking with Ryanair.
John Snell
BC, Canada