Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Denied Boarding becasue of a system Error
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Default Denied Boarding becasue of a system Error

Dear all,

I had a flight from Amsterdam (AMS) to Washington (IAD) via Atlanta (ATL) on January 2, 2021. I have checked in for the flights and received my tickets on January 1. I have attached the tickets that I received from KLM via Whatsapp.

I have arrived in ATL on time and was waiting for the flight (KL5384/DL4765) to IAD at 16:35. I was ready for boarding at 15:55 at gate D7 for my flight. When the boarding started, I have proceeded and scanned my ticket. However, the system denied my ticket. The Delta officer tried to help me however she could not my name on the system. She tried to contact the center but no one responded. In the end, she told me she can't accept me to the plane since my name is not on the system, although I have a ticket. She closed the gate and let the airplane go.

After that, another officer came and found my name on another system. They told me my flight is not confirmed. I told them I have a ticket and seat number already. They told me this problem can happen because of KLM. I asked them to help me, but they told me to go to a service desk across gate D27 and first, try to call the service center by the phone if it does not work then consult the officers there.

I followed the instructions. I have called Delta Service. The officer on the phone told me my flight was at 16:35 and asked me why did not I take that flight. I explained the situation again then he blamed me to be late. When I explain the situation another time he told me that I have to contact with KLM. He put me through to KLM line but about 10 mins nobody responded.

After that, I went into the line to contact an officer at that office. He understood the situation and told me there is a flight (DL463) at 5:54 to another airport (DCA) in Washington D.C. And I accepted it since I did not want to wait longer after a 15-hours journey.

This was a terrible experience. Hope, you dont experience the same.