Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Flight cancelled, rebooked, weather delay, mechanical problems.
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There is such a lack of regulation in the US, you only have recourse to Small Claims Court. Is there anyway that you can prove that you turned up 3 hours ahead of the flight? If so, I would pursue them in court. An example of proof of arrival time is if you entered the car park and have a printed receipt for example. United failed you and ought to have assisted you. However, if you are claiming the consequential damages, you may have to explain why you didn't fly the following day. Did United refuse to rebook you on the next available flight?

It is almost never a good idea to fly US based airlines internationally, but particularly to Europe. EU based carriers are covered by regulation 261/2004 which offers much more protection that the US regulations. I realise you probably selected this ticket on price but it is worth paying a little extra and flying with BA or Virgin direct from LAX or take Lufthansa and change in Frankfurt rather than Houston.